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METHODS OF DELIVERY All training, software and downloads will be provided online, either via video, audio, webinar, download links, app, documents or a combination thereof. It is required that you have a computer with internet access in order to access. Credit Repair Business Suite will also use email to send you updates and may also contact you via telephone.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY You agree that all training, configuration methods, template downloads and any other unique strategies used for the creation of bot or bot components (flows, keywords, sequences, etc) are the property of Credit Repair Business Suite and shall not be duplicated, replicated, resold or redistributed in any way. Violation of this will result in immediate termination of software and training access without refund and Credit Repair Business Suite may prosecute to the full extent of the law. In the event you decide to cancel your account, you understand that you will no longer have access to your licensed Chatbot.

PAYMENT POLICY All programs purchased must be paid for in full or paid on the agreed dates if you choose the payment plan option. Should an unpaid balance due be created due to some circumstance, such as but not limited to, insufficient funds, credit card decline, or combination of payment methods, etc. this document then becomes a promissory note, a promise to pay any resulting balance within fifteen calendar days of this agreement, except in the case for which special terms have been agreed to.

SATISFACTION COMMITMENT Credit Repair Business Suite wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied we will continue to work with you and provide appropriate resources to your satisfaction. Since we cannot “take back” education or download links, all purchases are final. There will be no refunds given beyond the third day after execution of this agreement, unless local law provides for an alternate remedy.

LIMITATIONS OF SERVICE You hereby acknowledge that you are purchasing custom chatbot, educational training, downloadable materials and/or software only. You are not purchasing a franchise, security, business opportunity, affiliation, association, or seller-assisted marketing plan. No additional support from Credit Repair Business Suite other than that expressly promised should be expected.

RESULTS VARY No representation, expressed or implied, is made concerning your successful application of training, software or services purchased. As with anything, your efforts, skill and persistence will affect your outcome with our programs. You may have better results, worse results or no results at all. You agree to hold Credit Repair Business Suite and its representatives harmless from any and all results or lack of results.

INDEMNITY Credit Repair Business Suite does not provide legal, financial, or other professional advice. Credit Repair Business Suite specifically disclaims any liability for the use and/or application of its products and services. You accept the program as is, and in the application of this program assumes all risk. Review of any applicable agreements by legal counsel is encouraged. You agree to bear full responsibility of your own activities providing Credit Repair Business Suite full indemnity including performance of software, apps and websites.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL Credit Repair Business Suite retains the right to refuse admittance into any community or group training to anyone who is disruptive to the normal flow of training. Disruptions may include, but are not limited to disturbances, insults, slander, harassing behavior, or soliciting other students.

NEEDED PROGRAMS Credit Repair Business Suite only provides needed software ManyChat to our Do-It-Together or Do-It-Big clients. Do-It-Yourself clients will be responsible for creating and paying for your own accounts. Having an email marketer is also recommended.

CANCELATIONS You may cancel at anytime but must give Credit Repair Business Suite a 30 day notice before cancelation. In the event you decide to cancel your account, you understand that you will no longer have access to your licensed Chatbot. If you wish to keep your Chatbot, we may offer you a fee to buyout your Licensed Agreement.

ASSOCIATIONS Credit Repair Business Suite is not officially endorsed by Facebook or ManyChat. Facebook and ManyChat brands and logos are trademarks of their respective owners. Credit Repair Business Suite is not in control of or liable for any changes to the function, access, practices or policies of either Facebook or ManyChat, or of any other recommended product or service.

RECOMMENDATIONS You may be exposed to additional products or services which may or may not be affiliated with Credit Repair Business Suite. At times Credit Repair Business Suite may be compensated by such companies. It is recommended that you conduct your own research before purchasing any 3rd party product or service.

YOUR PRIVACY Credit Repair Business Suite will not share, sell or distributer your personal information (email, phone number, Facebook data, etc) in any way. Credit Repair Business Suite does reserve the right to share your results in the form of a case study and any feedback provided to Credit Repair Business Suite may be used as marketing testimonials.

JURISDICTION This agreement shall be deemed too have been made in the State of California and as such, any court actions shall be brought to California. In any litigation arising out of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys' fees and costs.
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Here's What You'll Get

500+ Prewritten Highly Converting Emails and SMS Messages

Social Media Scheduling/Posting 

Course Creators Unlocked 

7 Figure Webinar Funnel Template 

Prebuilt Automations 

Automated Onboarding 

Automated Dispute Round Processing 

Automated Client Communication 

Automated Lead Nurture 

Advanced Call Tracking/Recording 

Advanced Reporting 

Advanced Triggers 

Advanced API Access 

Advanced Credit Repair 

SMS Chatbot Advanced 

Credit Repair Email Chatbot

Unlimited Zapier Account

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  • 1xUltimate Business Suite - Credit Repair$0

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  • Does this plan come with a Facebook Chatbot?
    No it does not! However this plan does have an SMS Chatbot, Email Chatbot, and Call Booking Chatbot.
  • What is an Email Chatbot, SMS Chatbot, and Call Booking Bot?
    Email Chatbot monitors interested leads via email. SMS Chatbot monitors interested leads via SMS. The Call Booking Bot monitors interested leads that want to schedule a call. The Call booking Bot will check your Calendar directly in Credit Repair Business Suite, the bot will send availability options and then the Bot will schedule the call on your behalf.
  • Can I dispute customers information inside of the system?
    No we do not have a Dispute Manager that allows you to dispute clients information.
  • Does Credit Repair Business Suite integrate with my dispute manager?
    Yes, whether you are using Credit Repair Cloud, Dispute Fox, Dispute For Me, etc. Credit Repair Business Suite integrates with every dispute manager.
  • Can I update clients about their Credit Profile inside of the system?
    Yes you can literally update a client on where they are in your program in less than 2 minutes! Simply update their Credit Score and tag them and let the automation take over!
  • Do we have to pay for Email and SMS Credits?
    Yes you are responsible for paying for your own email and sms credits. Pay As You Go Rates: $ 0.0079 / sms or for every 95240
    emails you will pay $10. So our Pay As You Go System is really affordable.
  • Do I have to design and write my own emails and sms messages?
    No, we have created over a years worth of emails and sms messages included in your plan. We've tested these messages with Thousands of leads to make sure we have the highest conversion. Simply grab a lead and drop them in the Lead Nurture Flow and let the system nurture and give you a higher chance to convert them!
  • What other Business Platforms does Credit Repair Business Suite replace?
    Acuity Scheduling, Clickfunnels, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Wix, Squarespace, Kajabi, and much more!